As a relationship manager and sales representative, sometimes it is hard to stay organized and on top of everything, with what seems like a million incoming and outgoing contacts. For me, I don’t always have access to a CRM tool to stay organized, so I have really enjoyed using the Business Tasks mobile application.

It is a complete tasks organizer that synchronizes with Google Tasks and Toodledo. It can connect to your calendar and Gmail to help you stay on top of everything going on in your busy life. It is perfect for business use, but would be great for fast-paced, stay-at-home moms or home organization too.

The Business Tasks app lets you color code tasks, drag and drop for easy organization, add contacts, move tasks for later follow-up dates, set reminders for yourself and much more. Whatever you need to do to stay organized, the Business Tasks mobile app helps you do so that you can be more efficient and effective at your job.

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