My son-in-law has three brothers that are almost as awesome as he is. At lunch a few weeks ago, one of his brothers showed me a new app on his phone that he had downloaded and gotten quite addicted too. He invited me to play it. I love him, so I played it.

I am not the gamer that you might expect, being the founder of a magazine that focuses on mobile apps – many of which just happen to be games. The game was actually quite fun until I ran out of time trying to set up my shot – a penalty I was not aware of at the time.

Jefferson is such a great hugger and such an exceptional friend and spectacular human being that doing whatever he asks me to do with him is an honest pleasure. I love him bunches – but the game he showed me, especially because it required me to start all over for spending too much time strategizing, not so much. However, the golf game I’m about to introduce is much, much different – with a proven track record.

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