Bragshare makes social media more meaningful by providing users and companies with a sophisticated and customizable new medium for creating and sharing memories, achievements, aspirations and messages.

We asked Co-Founder Chad Gundry to answer a few questions for us. We want to sincerely thank him for taking the time to provide us with the following answers:

AUM: Building yet another social media platform and hoping to steal some traffic from Facebook and Twitter is quite the risk.

Chad: I designed and built not to compete per se with the large social networks that already exist, as that would be crazy to do so. Bragshare is meant to improve and augment what currently is offered in social realms. Social media today is in silos based upon several different aspects of our lives: personal, professional, random thoughts, images, and so on.

“Social Media today fails to organize the trivial from the meaningful.” Chad gundry

What they fail to do is bring all these important components of our lives together in the aggregate and elevate as well as organize the trivial from the meaningful. It is meant to be a full storytelling platform of the achievements of all individuals and organizations of all time. A place for everyone to be someone and tell those things that matter most, even extending back to their ancestry, and how that influenced who they became today.

AUM: What makes you think you’ll be successful?

Chad: The appeal to discover and share the stories and achievements of all mankind is compelling to many people. It is in this context that we learn not only about the successes and failures of others, but who we really are, where we came from, and where we plan to go. Bragshare is a different, a deeper way of looking at social media. It adds more meaning to our constant posting and reading of others posts.

Our Bragline timeline is the place where the user can elevate those posts/brags/moments that matter most. It is a place to tell your story, and a place to define oneself. Everything posted by choice to this Bragline can be saved or printed off at any time. Our Bragboard, the home page of Bragshare is a massive discovery engine of things that matter to people.

Our Bragfeed is similar to the facebook news feed. Everything goes here, but the most important posts get elevated to the Bragline as I stated before. Add to all of this, we work with the largest database of ancestry data the world has ever known,, to help people find and tell the stories of those that have shaped who they are today, while placing it in proper context with their own life and achievements.

With this ancestry data, in time, we will change social media in the way it connects with others. Not just friends of friends, but now the engine will suggest connecting with people that are blood related close or distant. We also have partnered with Relative Finder, a data source that helps people see the famous people they are related to and brag about it, share the cool stories about them. This added layer changes the game for real connecting don’t you think?

AUM: I really like the name of your website. How did you come up with the idea for Bragshare?

Chad: Bragshare was catchy. It is audacious and soft at the same time. Literally by placing the word brag in front of share means it simply elevates the share. Which is what we all do on social media when we post about things we care about. The idea of Bragshare came to me in a dream.

I realized very quickly that everyone was unique and important, and needed a place to tell their story. Not just those who are living, but those who have passed. That goes for organizations also. Today’s technology affords us the opportunity to tell these stories, and disseminate them far and wide, while also organizing our lives together to see in a sense how we are all connected.

AUM: How long have you been working on this concept?

Chad: I have been working on Bragshare for 7 years. It was all a concept and idea for 5 of those. It took awhile to find the money and right partner to bootstrap it with.

AUM: Who else is on your team?

Chad: The team is made up of myself, and my business partner Daniel Coburn who is a technology guru. We also have a team of 15 in Mumbai India, (Brainvire Infotech), who built it and do all kinds of work to improve it etc. I do have several advisors. The site as it currently stands is a desktop and mobile site, but not an app yet.

The mobile site resembles and acts just like an app however. We are looking for investors to help us build an app with some really cool features. One of which is to allow people to see notifications of achievements and stories any location they are at. Users of course can enter their own stories as they go along based upon those locations.

AUM: Can you tell app users a little about yourself and your background, education, experience, and hobbies?

Chad: Marketing, sales, and social media guru. Obtained my MBA. Played some collegiate college basketball, love sports and the outdoors. Very competitive and love to challenge myself to change the world.

AUM: How big do you see Bragshare getting?

Chad: Like any entrepreneur, I would love to see Bragshare be as big as it possibly can and impact the world. What I have created adds more depth and meaning to social media there is no doubt in my mind. What the public is using now and sees is my product in its bootstrapped glory. With investment, it will become very useful. I see it being an extension of another large social network in the future.

AUM: Do you have investors or are you bootstrapping the whole thing?

Chad: It is entirely bootstrapped at this point. We now are aggressively looking for investors to finish the app, and take this to another level.

Hopefully Bragshare can hook up with an entity like the Independent Stock Market, that provides startups with guaranteed debt-free capital and helps them grow their business with additional capital all the way up until they go public – and even after.

According to the website’s About Us page, as the mass of information on social media reaches avalanche proportions, people of every age and culture are realizing the need and desire to create an online anthology—a personal legacy and a dynamic and findable record—of the events that really matter in every life.

Because your life means something more than just 140 characters, BragShare’s new innovations provide social media users with a greater degree of power and control over their reputation and legacy. The result is a dynamic and searchable online record of the updates and events that matter in every individual’s life in the past, present, and future.


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