Of course, implementing real change in our lives isn’t always easy. We are a culture and creatures of habit — equating the familiar with the warm and fuzzy concepts of safety and security, even if the “familiar” isn’t necessarily good for us. As a result, we resist change as long as we can, all the while talking about it, wishing for it, and promising to do it tomorrow.

The solution is to find a way to introduce change gently, to incorporate it into our daily lives in a way that makes it as minimally invasive as possible, so that by the time we realize we’ve made a major change, it’s already become a comfortable habit that we’ve learned to embrace instead of dread.

And as with so much else in life these days, there’s an app for that.
Want to get more in touch with the “real you?” Lifetick offers a goal setting app that doesn’t just track your progress, it also helps you establish your core values, i.e., what’s really important to you. The result is that your goals become more personalized, and by using the SMART goal-setting method, you can track your way to success.

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