It seems to me that one of the big debates raging today is whether or not most people have control over their ability to be happy or not. Pharmaceutical companies would have you believe that you need a drug. And for rare cases, this may be true.

But I believe that we have more power and control over our happiness than most of us give ourselves credit for. I’m thinking of a situation in ancient scripture. To set the scene, a prophet was preaching repentance in Jerusalem about 600 years before the coming of Christ. He was warned by other-worldly means that their were bad people in Jerusalem who wanted to kill him and that that great city was going to be destroyed. Because of these two facts, he was told to take his family and leave into the wilderness toward a land of promise.

Trying to find happiness is like trying to find piano skills. Stop looking for happiness and start working on it.” – Dr. Paul Jenkins

The man’s name was Lehi. He was a man of stature and significant wealth. But when God told him to go, he went, leaving all of his “gold, silver and precious things” without ever once complaining. He had four sons at the time. Two of them decided to complain, two chose to accept their situation and make the most of it. The scriptures say that the two oldest brothers, Laman and Lemuel, “did murmur against their father…because they knew not the dealings of that God who had created them.”

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