For the past six months I have meditated more than I have meditated my whole life – and I’m 51 years-old. I joined a exercise/breathing/meditation group in Ogden, Utah that is one of a kind in the United States. I now know that thinking about nothing can be extremely valuable for relieving stress and combating anger, depression and fears.

The techniques used in the Head Space app have been refined and developed over many centuries. Their aim is to cultivate awareness and compassion so that we can better understand both the mind and the world around us. The additional health benefits that occur with regular meditation are helpful byproducts.

Head Space is committed to moving the science of mindfulness forward. They want to understand how the benefits of in-person meditation training translates to add-based meditation training.

A number of studies have initially found that online mindfulness training does produce results similar to in-person training. There is also a large body of Evidence backing in-person mindfulness-based training – Programs like mindfulness-based stress reduction and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy.

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