Dear App Users,

What do you download?

Some people, mostly those who are over the age of sixty-five, believe that learning how to navigate around websites and emails is equivalent to learning a foreign language. Sure, it may be possible, but is it really worth all the

woman-talkingInterestingly enough, a 2017 Pew Research report found that the number of older Americans who own smartphones has jumped from 18% in 2013, to 42% in 2016. This is a significant number of new app user growth — especially when you consider that there are roughly 46 million seniors currently living in the United States.
And while apps help quicken the learning curve tremendously, once the elderly have learn how to download them, there’s still a question that these wise, Solomon-like people ask: Is it necessary?

If they can get along without it, they usually do. This prompted me to ask app users everywhere, whether or not you’re a senior, what do you download? Which apps fill your digital devices? Which apps are you willing to uninstall – even temporarily – to make room for something better?

For example, my children came over for Father’s Day and wanted to play Psych (created by Ellen Degeneres and her team). It’s a hilarious game that can make even the boringest parties come to life. Problem was, I didn’t have room for the download. I decided to uninstall an calendaring/contact app from my church that I seldom use.

It was worth the download. We played and laughed for hours trying to get everyone to believe our answer over everyone else’s. And although my son Ben gave him a run for his money, my son-in-law Jordan ended up winning. That’s because 1. Jordan is a walking computer and 2. Psych is one of his favorite apps.

What app do you love? I want to give you the opportunity and platform to tell the world about your favorite app – whether you just found it yesterday or have been using it for years. And I want to compensate you for your efforts with a free t-shirt? This one says: I’M A USER on the front On the back, in small letters up at the top (and covered if you have long hair) is the clarification: APP USER MAG.

t-shirtsAll you have to do is send me a video telling me about yourself and about an app that you couldn’t live without. If you don’t want to send me a video, simply tell me about you and the app by emailing me at aaron@appusermag.
I’ll need your name, email address and physical address so that I know where to send the t-shirt.

I would love to give a t-shirt to the billion app users all over the world, but to start, I promise to send out at least a ten a month and to post the videos on our social pages. As a bonus, if I really like your video or letter, I will give you your five minutes of fame by posting it in the following month’s digital magazine in our “I’M A USER” section.

Join app users everywhere as they share their favorite online or mobile app. Hopefully this will be a fun experience for all of us.

Thanks for your support. We really appreciate you!

Aaron, Jeremy, Marvin and Mac

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