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I just listened to a lecture by Michael Ballam entitled Music and the Mind. He is a noted musician, stage performer and educator on the power of music. I include it here for your enjoyment. It’s nearly an hour long, but I promise you it will change the way you think about learning and the order, symmetry, and miraculous vibrations of music.

Our radios, smartphones, laptops and tablets all provide us with the opportunity to listen to powerful, soul-enriching music. There are many apps like Pandora and I Heart Radio that give us whatever song we want at the touch of a button. There are apps like Shazam that tell us the name of a song we’re hearing for the first time.

According to Ballam, and multitudes of others, myself included, if you want to score higher on a test at school, be more productive at work, relieve stress, and be healthier in every way possible, listen to good music.

Baroque music soothes and renews us – it literally reboots our brains. Shantic music inspires and takes us back to a simpler, more natural way to live. Christian hymns motivate, captivate and uplifts us. Music teaches us basic concepts in unforgettable ways, whether we’re learning the A,B,Cs, the power of love, or how to become more like Jesus.

I’ve sung almost my whole life. My first performance was a rendition of the church hymn “I am a Child of God” when I was eight. It was a duet with my favorite twin brother Adam. Later on a sang “You’ll Never Walk Alone” as a solo for my high school graduation’s Baccalaureate program. Since then I’ve sung in the Mormon Youth Choir and other groups.

I love singing and sharing my talents with others. Music can raise our spirits, remove stress, bring us closer to each other and bring back fond memories.

This month, let’s get more musical!

Aaron Brandley, Owner
App User Magazine

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