I’ve been a wanderer – excuse me, Yonderer – my whole life, always looking for a new place to discover, a new area to set my sights. Not surprisingly, when I heard about the Yonder app through co-workers, my “official” work took a backseat for a few hours.
So what exactly is this Yonder app? Allow me to fill you in.
For starters, it’s a free mobile app that allows you to discover and share your outdoor experiences, adventures and activities with friends and fellow Yonderers.

Not only does it have a cool name, it contains all of the tools and functions I need to find new places to explore, read reviews of different areas and adventures, and, being the social butterfly that I am, share my own outdoor experiences. To get you started, here’s a brief Yonder tutorial.

Finding those great “off the beaten” path places is one of the hardest things about outdoors adventure traveling. Yonder hopes to bridge that gap between guide book and park trail maps with an outdoors-focused social network that allows you to share your great outdoor experiences.

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