Automatically count calories by taking food photos! We believe calorie counting should be as simple, fun, and easy as taking a picture of your food. Calorie Mama can tell you the calories in your food just by analyzing your food photos. It can recognize thousands of food categories including staples such as fruits, vegetables, meats, grains, beverages; complex cuisines and dishes such as American, Western, European, Asian, Latin American; and US/Canada packaged foods with a front-facing image or barcode.

How It Works:

  1. Snap a picture of your food
  2. Calorie Mama analyzes your food photo and suggests what the food might be
  3. Confirm the food to log your calories

The more you snap, the more accurate and smarter Calorie Mama gets!

The creators of Fitness Buddy, Instant Heart Rate, Argus, and Sleep Time bring to you Calorie Mama, a simple, elegant food tracker and calorie counter uses food recognition machine learning algorithms to identify many different foods, including packaged goods and barcodes. We do a lot of fancy work behind the scenes with deep artificial intelligence
(AI), neural networks, computer vision, image recognition, to provideYou with nutrition data.

Our food detection and identification platform can recognize Western, European, Asian and fusion cuisines. Snap a food photo and you’ll be surprised at what Calorie Mama can detect!

Azumio, a health and fitness platform, is tag-teaming with personal genomics company Helix to bring DNA sequencing to consumers.

The former is introducing full-exome DNA-based insights into its Calorie Mama AI app, with the goal of giving users a means of reaching their fitness goals through greater personalization.

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