Today there was so much gratifying, soul-fulfilling information coming to me that I feel obligated somehow in sharing some of it with you.

From Holliwell’s book Working with the Law, I was reminded that we must seek for an abundance to further our own lives and the lives of those around us. “It is wrong for one to dwell in poverty when there is plenty for all. It is wrong for one member of the human family to accumulate vast wealth at the expense of his fellow man; wrong for one to dwell in conditions of war and chaos when peace may prevail; wrong for the strong to take advantage of the weak; wrong to lack in good of any kind that may be essential to promote the welfare and happiness of the individual.”
He reminds us that “as we are able to think and to realize more abundance out of what we already have, we shall not only expand our thinking, but receive more abundantly.”

Holliwell continues by saying that wealth is the result of quality thoughts. I have considered greatly about how, in my own life I have benefited from sustaining quality, healthy thoughts. I have also suffered in mind, attitude and actions for no-good, selfish, scarcity-ridden, demoralizing thoughts that had time to fester.

    There are ways to remove unhealthy thoughts from our minds and hearts. Here are a few proven strategies.

  1. Pray to the Creator, the ruler of the universe. Give praise and adoration. Ask for strength of mind, attitude, body, heart and spirit.
  2. Study scriptures from past and modern prophets. Wise, inspired men have showed us the way to true happiness. Heed their counsel.
  3. Memorize hymns. When unproductive thoughts enter your mind, sing them!
  4. Forgive yourself and those around you – regardless of the offense. You can’t steal second base if you don’t (or won’t) take your foot off of first base.
  5. Cheerfully serve. Giving freely opens your mind, body, heart and soul to an abundance of love and positive energy. Allow others to serve you often too!Quote

I’m a firm believer that when we change our thinking for the better, we automatically change our lives for the better. I invite you to rearrange your thoughts. That way you’ll be more productive, more joyful, healthier, wealthier, and even more attractive than you already are!

May we all appreciate and make the most of what we’ve been given,

Aaron Brandley, Owner
App User Magazine

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