Procreate has a ton of followers. Even non-artists like me can do powerful things with this impressive, feature-rich app. For James Cuda, founder and CEO of Savage Interactive (Si), along with his wife, Alanna – developers of iPad painting app, Procreate – his company has grown dramatically by focusing on a few simple core values. Their story is found in an article by

“One of our biggest values is honesty,” said Mr. Cuda. “I know that sounds obvious; but honesty, not just in what we’re making, but also in who we are.”
“One of the other values is: if we do what we really love and believe in, the money is going to come. I really think that’s been the core of our rise against all odds. We don’t have any funding, no investment – everything is organic, from the App Store.” “We have a very, very strong focus, which is actually contrary to watching the market. What we really do is internalize as much as we can about the product and focus on the customer. I think that’s been one of the biggest shielding things for us.”

Opportunity strikes

Right time, right place – it’s a common metaphor for pure ol’ luck. But in the realms of business, where luck will only get you so far, preparation will take you further. At the time that Apple launched the iPad, in April, 2010, Cuda and his team were running successful digital media agency, Savage Media. This new device took their breath away.

“From a background in the arts, being a believer in the arts – you see the iPad and think, ‘That’s going to be the next big thing that kids grow up with’,” said Mr. Cuda.
Sensing this was a device on which they could make their mark, despite being risky as hell, proved an opportunity to good to pass up.

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