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It’s October. Around the world seasons are changing. Up north they receive the beauty, crispness, and variety of fall. Down south they get the green, bright, renewed promise of life. I have friends and family in both hemispheres.

As the seasons change, I’m of the belief that we should too. Making resolutions once a year isn’t often enough – and it seems that seasonal goals are more easily achieved than are annual.

Now is the perfect time to try something new, bold and beautiful that will improve our lives and the lives of those around us.

What has been holding you back from achieving one of your dreams?
❑ An excuse (no time, no money, etc.) that I am no longer going to accept from myself.
❑ A temporary (or permanent) physical condition that I am going to overcome.
❑ A fear of success or failure that I will defeat with faith in myself and my friends.

The truth is, there are dozens of reasons we all use that stop us from making our lives as good as we know they can be.

What’s my dream and the reason I haven’t been as actively pursuing it as I know I should? I want to write a book. I think my problem is that it isn’t a priority for me. I 1 really want the result of having written it, but I’m lazy. Something always seems to come up to do. It isn’t the most important thing in my life after my family and my faith. It should be.

I feel compelled to write my book to write my book and, although I have done a ton of
research on the topic, I haven’t consistently worked on fleshing it out. So here is my
commitment to you, world, and my commitment to myself. I will work 20 hours a week, moving from chapter to chapter each week until I have completed the book. I commit to publish the book before the end of the year so that I can give it to all of my ten siblings and six perfectly adorable children as their Christmas gift. Will you help keep me on task?

What’s your dream and your reason for not achieving it yet? I would like to hear your story. I would like to help hold you accountable. Let’s talk at

As we all recommit to becoming much more than we are, I promise to do all I can to be an example of an overcomer – an achiever – someone who set a goal and accomplished it! I promise to help you reach further than you’ve ever reached. Just email me and let’s figure it out!

Here’s hoping that this October is the start of something amazing in your life.

Aaron Brandley, Owner
App User Magazine

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