There are billions of information on the Internet today with thousands of new information being uploaded every single day. From social media, blog posts and study materials, the reading list can sometimes be endless and could swallow up your time.
One way to keep track of important information is to use Social bookmarking websites to save links so that you can visit them later. However, their popularity and usage has become obsolete and users are looking for faster ways to save things to read later. That’s where Pocket comes in.

When your current reading list is jam packed, or you’re so busy doing other things and you stumble upon something else that interests you but you can’t read it at that moment, all you have to do is ‘put it in your pocket’ so you can view later. The pocket is one of the world’s most popular ‘read-it-later’ apps with over 2 Billion registered users and over 22 Billion items saved.

With Pocket, you can save content directly from your browser, Email or from over 1500+ apps such as Twitter, Flipboard, Pulse and Zite.

Developed by San Francisco programmer Nate Weiner, Pocket lets you save items to read and watch when you feel the time is right because the internet can be a very distracting with so many important information flying around every day.

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