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November always seems to bring people together – whether it’s for sports, food, parties or shopping. It’s a time for sharing, for giving and for forgiving – even if someone else
did get the last and only toy your child wanted for Christmas.

This month I want to focus our attention to showing gratitude. Next month I’ll focus on an even higher law of praise and worship to our creator – the one who gave us the ability and opportunity to feel grateful.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful frame of mind. It provides the possessor with an awareness of his or her blessings. Those blessings are usually compartmentalized into four sources, I’ve found: God, ourselves, others, and truth.

We are grateful to God, our creator, for life, breath, food and clothing. We appreciate our bodies, minds, emotions and our close relationship with nature and all things given to us by the ruler of the universe. We treasure prayer, fasting, scriptures, church and every opportunity alone or in groups to praise and worship He for whom miracles like birth, seasons, growth and love are commonplace.

We are grateful to ourselves for the decisions we’ve made, whether physical, mental, emotional, social or spiritual as well as for the opportunity we feel we have (otherwise known as hope) that we will be able to improve our situation if we just apply what we know. We appreciate our failures as much as, if not more than, our failures.

We are grateful to others, especially those closest to us for their positive influence and compassionate, sacrifices toward us. We appreciate their listening ears, kind remarks, gentle demeanor and constant strivings for improving their relationships with us. We acknowledge that only God is perfect, so it makes no sense to judge, gossip about, or demean someone regardless of what they think, believe or do.

We are grateful for truth and righteousness – however we understand it. Things that we learn, whether it’s living the Beatitudes, keyboard shortcuts for our laptops, time-saving apps, the old-school significance of the compass and the square, or the calming effects of music, all help us appreciate what we know and fill us with the desire to learn more, do more and be more.

Let’s take time to reflect – to ponder – and determine what and who really matter to us including our creator, ourselves, others and righteousness. Let’s consider our numerous and miraculous blessings and whole-heartedly give thanks.

Aaron Brandley
Founder, App User Magazine

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