It’s November and end-of-the-year parties have already started thanks to the hoopla and horror that is Halloween. Throwing a little party or organizing any type of event or get-together for strangers, family and friends can be a really stressful thing to do. Having to keep track of all your guests, ensuring that the planners do their jobs properly, that
the food is good, the seating arrangement and the program is followed accordingly can take its toll on party planners.

The checklist is almost endless and you’d be lucky to end the day without a major headache. However, thanks to the Pro Party Planner App, you can now manage your plans and stay organized by effectively keeping track of your guests, budget and logistics in one place ~ yoursmartphone!

The Pro Party Planner App is an exclusive iOS application developed by Zysco and available on both the iPhone and iPad devices. It allows you to organize and make plans for Meetings, Conferences, Tradeshows, Parties, Fundraisers and all your partying needs from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet.

Below are some of the amazing features packed into the Pro Party Planner App.

  1. Create Seating Arrangements On The Go: With the Pro Party Planner application, you can plan your own seating style, add guests to the tables, and manage seating arrangements with the drag and drop tool. You can also use the App’s augmented reality feature to visualize how you want the room decoration and seating plan to be.
  2. Manage All Guests And Send Invites: With the app, you have complete control of all invitations, thank you notes, and RSVP feature from your Smartphone. Easily export or import all the information of your guests and integrate with your spreadsheets.

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