, like many other bible apps, allows you to read the scriptures from multiple versions and languages, but this app shines in the multimedia experience that it presents to its users.

I downloaded it yesterday and listened to it this afternoon when I returned from church. Deciding to start at the beginning, I laid down on my bed and chose the King James Version of the Old Testament. To make it more appealing, I chose the dramatized option.
I closed my eyes and was almost able to see the six creation periods: The organization of the world, the separation of the land from the water, the creation of the sun, moon and stars, the planting of seeds, the placing of animals of every kind – including those of the land, water and air, and finally the creation of man and woman, his helpmate, before resting on the seventh day.

This Bible App lets you read, listen to, and see stories and content from the Bible in beautifully dramatized audio and thoughtfully prepared video.

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