Letter from the Editor

With more than two million apps available, it can be difficult to determine which apps are most valuable. And without quality apps, your laptop, desktop, tablet and smartphone are fairly useless.

This month we discuss an app that is apropo – not just for the Christmas season, but all year long. It’s the Bible.is app. This app lets you read and listen to the text of the Holy Bible. There are even Bible videos you can watch, like those that are available from the LDS Church. Here is a video portraying the angel Gabriel who visited the shepherds – telling them that the Messiah was about to be born.

The entire world’s population has been affected by the birth, life, teachings, miracles, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I know my life has been changed thanks to the never ending love, mercy and grace of my Father in Heaven and His beloved Son.

Lately I have been considering the Beatitudes. How powerful yet simple are these eight principles for living a happy, Christ-centered life. They cover every area of our lives, be it mental, emotional, spiritual or physical. They discuss our relationships with deity and our neighbors, as well as the need to seek after righteousness – so much so that we’d be willing to give up our lives for it.

Complete humility, willing, eager acquiescence, and submissive yielding towards God and his Son Jesus Christ is the first step along the path to discipleship. We must recognize and verbally acknowledge that we need them in our lives in order to continue our journey in peace.

So this Christmas season, let’s take a few moments on our knees. Somehow, getting down on our knees puts us in the perfectly vulnerable, powerless position – which is where we need to be when we come before the throne of God in meek, respectful, humble prayer. Closing our eyes finishes the sense of weakness and defenselessness.

We then ask for the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ to take immediate effect in our lives – even as we recognize our total lack of merit in even asking for such a blessing. Still, we plead on, struggling to fully repent for our past sins and mistakes, and supplicating for mercy until we feel it: the peaceful, miraculous assurance of God’s unconditional and whole-hearted love for us.

May this Christmas be our most Christian,
Aaron Brandley, Editor ~ App User Magazine



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