Friday, February 22, 2019

Letter from the Editor – August 2017

Dear App Users, I just listened to a lecture by Michael Ballam entitled Music and the Mind. He is a noted musician, stage performer and educator on the power of music. I...

Letter From the Editor – July

Dear App Users, What do you download? Some people, mostly those who are over the age of sixty-five, believe that learning how to navigate around websites and emails is equivalent to learning a...

Letter from the Editor ~ Breathe!

Dear App Users, A minute and twelve seconds had seemed like an eternity. A couple of weeks ago, I went swimming with some of my children. As we stood in the water, a...

Letter from the Editor – May

The word “stretch” is intriguingly powerful. We stretch paychecks to last until the end of the month. Women wear stretchy tights. Men wear stretchy underwear. When a road seems to go...

Letter from the Editor – April

April is such a powerful month! Latin and Greek for “To Open” or “Opening,” the name April has special meaning for the trillions of flowers all over the world that begin to...

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Head Space

For the past six months I have meditated more than I have meditated my whole life - and I’m 51 years-old. I joined a...



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