Friday, February 22, 2019

Letter From the Editor – November 2017

Dear App Users, November always seems to bring people together - whether it's for sports, food, parties or shopping. It’s a time for sharing, for giving and for forgiving - even if...

Letter From the Editor – December 2017

Letter from the Editor With more than two million apps available, it can be difficult to determine which apps are most valuable. And without quality apps, your laptop, desktop, tablet and smartphone...

Letter from the Editor – April

April is such a powerful month! Latin and Greek for “To Open” or “Opening,” the name April has special meaning for the trillions of flowers all over the world that begin to...

Letter from the Editor – May

The word “stretch” is intriguingly powerful. We stretch paychecks to last until the end of the month. Women wear stretchy tights. Men wear stretchy underwear. When a road seems to go...

Letter from the Editor – August 2017

Dear App Users, I just listened to a lecture by Michael Ballam entitled Music and the Mind. He is a noted musician, stage performer and educator on the power of music. I...

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