Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Letter from the Editor – October

DearApp Users, It's October. Around the world seasons are changing. Up north they receive the beauty, crispness, and variety of fall. Down south they get the green, bright, renewed promise of life....

Letter from the Editor – August 2017

Dear App Users, I just listened to a lecture by Michael Ballam entitled Music and the Mind. He is a noted musician, stage performer and educator on the power of music. I...

Letter From the Editor – December 2017

Letter from the Editor With more than two million apps available, it can be difficult to determine which apps are most valuable. And without quality apps, your laptop, desktop, tablet and smartphone...

Letter From the Editor – July

Dear App Users, What do you download? Some people, mostly those who are over the age of sixty-five, believe that learning how to navigate around websites and emails is equivalent to learning a...

Letter from the Editor ~ Breathe!

Dear App Users, A minute and twelve seconds had seemed like an eternity. A couple of weeks ago, I went swimming with some of my children. As we stood in the water, a...

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The Smiling Mind App

The health and well-being benefits of meditation cannot be overemphasized. There are so many reasons why everyone should at least set aside a time...
Marble Math Junior

Marble Math Junior