Thursday, August 17, 2017

Which Messaging App Do You Use to Improve Your Business’ Productivity?

If you haven’t considered using messaging apps to significantly boost your business productivity, it’s about time you got with the times. We live in an ever-shrinking world. While my developer may...
FluentWorlds: Learn English

FluentWorlds: Learn English

Okay, those of you loyal app users who have been with me for the last four-plus years know that I went to Chile 32 years ago on a religious mission for...


We have written about productivity apps for more than four years, including apps that help field workers communicate better with office workers. GoSpotCheck helps take your online business offline to improve...

Memrise: Learn Languages

Thirty-two years ago I had the opportunity to learn Spanish. I was called to serve a proselyting mission for the LDS church in Chile, South America. Before going, I went to...

Business Tasks

As a relationship manager and sales representative, sometimes it is hard to stay organized and on top of everything, with what seems like a million incoming and outgoing contacts. For me,...

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Marble Math Junior

Lucky for me I passed enough math classes in high school to not have to take any additional math courses in college. Having said...

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